About Us

At Bloomfield Farm, we take pride in everything that we do. From care of horses, breeding mares, training of youngstock, and service to clients, to presentation of horses and farm , and quality of pasture, all areas of the stud business are important. Our farm consists of 126 acres which was previously used for dairyfarming. Axel has converted the dairy into a ‘reproductive barn’ which is perfectly set up for all aspects of horse breeding. Axel designed and built our magnificent stable complex which consists of 22 stables, 4 wash bays, tack rooms and an indoor viewing area which overlooks the all weather arena. All paddocks are accessible via a laneway system which provides a safe and time efficient means of moving groups of horses.

Our current breeding program is the result of careful planning, thinking in generations, and keeping focused on specific mare families. Choosing stallions to stand at stud who are also from the best mare families is also a key factor in establishing a top class broodmare herd. Stallions who compliment each other is a priority for us, as our broodmare here includes daughters of our stallions, who are then bred to our other stallions. So it is very important that the stallions work well together. The combination of these factors has created the consistency in quality and type that we are known for.

Our broodmare herd is a carefully selected group of quality mares; consistent producers with a good depth in pedigree, type and movement, to cater for the different requirements and tastes of our clients. Within the herd are a group of Royal Hit daughters, who are proven breeders of exceptional progeny. We refer to these mares as our golden treasures. They are dominant in producing a super type and the much needed elasticity in movement. Also included is our matriarch mare Charisma (dam of Fiderstern) who was the record priced auction horse for Belcam International. Her progeny have proven time and again, the exceptional hereditary qualities of this mare. She has produced her own dynasty of quality broodmares, most of which have been retained. We have incorporated two main mare families from Europe into our breeding program. Anouk is a KWPN mare who has produced progeny of the highest standard in Holland, including Licensed KWPN stallion, Fellini and his full brother Emerald S. The stallion Dark President is a 7/8 brother to Anouk. From Germany we have two imported mares from the famous Mon Amour mare family. St.Pr.St Madonia is a Don Davidoff daughter who is also a half sister to the Champion stallion Fürstenball’s mother (Maradonna). Maritza is a Blue Hors Zack daughter from Marella II, who is another half sister to Madonia and Maradonna. The variety in mares continues and our herd now includes daughters of Fürst Love, Fiderstern and Versace who have descended from some of our older, proven (and retired) mares carrying bloodlines such as Argentinus, Don Ramiro, Jazz, Brentano II, Sunny Boy, Sir Donnerhall, Aachimedes, Pik Labionics, Jive Magic, Whisper and Contango II. All of our mares are bred to our current resident stallions and each year we breed 20-30 foals with the majority being available for purchase. Prospective buyers are offered a range of young horses, from foals to 3 year olds. 

mares foal in paddock

Our Bloomfield bred youngsters have a great reputation when it comes to quality; from the superb temperament, impressive looks and movement, to the education and training they receive before leaving for their new homes. Since 2009 we have been presenting a selection of our foals for the ACE Assessment Tour and more recently the AWHA, and each year the majority have been assessed Elite, with an impressive number of Australian Champions and State Champions. These results are a wonderful reminder of the exceptional quality that our stallions and mares are producing. The aim in our breeding program is to produce horses of exceptional quality, with natural talent to match the best in the world. It is vital that we keep improving the standard of horses produced through each generation, to ensure our Australian bred warmbloods are competitive both here and overseas. 


Stallions are selected and imported after many hundreds of hours of research. The end result is the combination of the very best bloodlines from Europe, whilst meeting the strict criteria required in choosing a stallion that will perform with success as a sire and in competition. He needs to be able to meet the demands of the Australian Warmblood market. He must be able to stamp his progeny with his own qualities, that will continue to reproduce through future generations. 

warmblood stallion
black stallion

Nutritional research is an on-going past-time at Bloomfield Farm. We are consistently studying and analysing information relating to different feed types, vitamins and minerals, and the effects these have on horses of different ages. It is so crucial to have the right balance relative to the horses stage of growth, stage of pregnancy/lactation and stage of training. Regular soil testing helps us keep our pastures and crops healthy therefore ensuring the correct nutrient balance in our ‘on farm’ feed production. Correct feeding of all horses is one of our highest priorities. Of course to maintain horses in peak health and condition, a strict veterinary regime has to be adhered to. Regular worming, vaccinations, hoof care and dental care are all part of our horse care program. 


The breeding of both stud mares and visiting mares is performed by Axel. For over 20 years Axel has performed the reproductive work, using stud stallions and frozen semen, on up to 100+ mares per year, with a success rate of over 90%. The stress-free environment experienced by the mares, along with strict hygiene and exact timing of insemination, ensures mares are given the best possible chance of conceiving. For over 20 years Axel Renz has been a leader in the Australian Horse Breeding Industry. Through hard work, high standards and goals for perfection, Axel has earned the respect of many breeders, veterinarians, trainers and riders in both the Warmblood and Arabian Horse Industries.

Born in Germany, Axel was raised and worked on the family farm. His interest in animal breeding, nutrition and feed production was evident from a very early age, as he helped his parents with the daily chores and later with management decisions. He has an abundance of knowledge of European bloodlines, and continues to further this knowledge on a daily basis. With contacts throughout Europe, he has regular correspondence with many of the major studs as well as the smaller breeders. After relocating from Germany to Australia in 1983, Axel continued his farming life, buying a lucerne farm in Western Australia . Soon after arriving in Australia , he became involved in Arabians. Axel founded the ‘El Arab Stud’ and went on to breed and show many champions. He relocated the Stud to Queensland in the late 80’s, to allow easier access for breeders. He achieved the highest honour in Australia on numerous occasions, winning the Australian National Champion with his stallions, mares and their progeny. These horses were recognized internationally, with a number of them exported overseas. The success of this stud, through the progeny produced, continues to dominate in the pedigrees of breeding stock and the show horses of many Arabian breeders today, in Australia and overseas. Axel’s focus turned toward Warmbloods in the late 90’s, and since then has built up an enviable reputation with breeders, trainers and riders of these magnificent horses. Relocating to Victoria in 2000, along with Belinda Klatte, he established the Belcam International horse stud. Amongst his achievements for Belcam International was the enormous success of the Young Horse Auctions. By mutual agreement in December 2005 Axel and Belinda’s partnership ended, and his involvement with the stud ceased after his offers of a ‘buy out’ were not accepted.  

By mid 2006, along with new partner Kerrie Mann, a new business plan was created and Bloomfield Farm began its existence. Since then there has been no looking back, as the business and partnership keeps going from strength to strength. Axel has brought to Bloomfield Farm; horsemanship, reproductive expertise, extensive farm/pasture management skills, innovative ideas and client service/communication skills that are second to none.Anyone who has purchased a horse, that has been bred and handled as a youngster, by Axel, is practically guaranteed to be a happy, satisfied customer. Those who send mares to Axel for breeding, either to the stallions at stud or frozen semen, are also highly impressed. The service that is now expected when doing business with Axel, has set new standards in the equestrian world. From the friendly welcome, no matter what time of day, to help and advice at foaling (no matter what time of day or night), ‘Axel is a breath of fresh air for the Warmblood Industry’ (as quoted by Berni Saunders – Cyberhorse). 

Kerrie was born and grew up in the beachside areas of Mentone/Parkdale. With no close history of horse riders in the family, but loads of determination Kerrie started riding at age 7 and soon after convinced her parents to buy a pony, (by working at her father’s shop to pay him off). She spent many years as a member of Mentone Pony Club and enjoyed great success at competitions up to state level. She moved on to thoroughbreds and then warmbloods and continued riding and competing, eventually focusing on dressage. Horses have remained a major part of Kerrie’s life ever since and she still has her second pony club horse (now happily retired). A move to the Warragul district as a young adult saw Kerrie take on the life of a dairy farmer. During this time she acquired some vital farm management skills and farming experience. A return to the suburbs to pursue her interests in the Finance and Insurance Industry saw her enroll in a Diploma in Financial Planning as well as becoming an accredited Mortgage Broker. After 5 years of working in this profession and various bookkeeping roles, her interest in warmblood breeding became too great and so it was a return to the Warragul area to begin a boutique stud. Her creative side has come to light through the marketing side of the Stud business with Kerrie being responsible for the design and implementation of the website, all areas of advertising, photography and video, database, and customer loyalty programs such as the Bloomfield Breeders Club and Leaderboard competition. 

black stallion

The partnership of Axel Renz and Kerrie Mann has resulted in a business that has quickly grown into a highly respected horse stud. Sharing the same levels of enthusiasm has enabled Axel and Kerrie to work hard together as they strive to achieve their shared goals for the future. We strongly believe the success or failure of any business lies in the hands of its people. Honesty and integrity are vital in any good business.