Rewards and Incentives

Best Performed Dressage Horse Leaderboard Challenge

1. Competition runs from 1st August through to 31st July the following year. 

2. Horses must be sired by Bloomfield Stallions (Royal Hit, San Rubin II, Furst Love, Fiderstern, Versace). 

3. Horses must be registered and competing in Australia. 

4. Results from all Official EA Dressage Competitions in Australia are eligible (including Young Horse Classes and Freestyles). Please note, Young Horse Class scores will be converted to Percentage Scores (ie a score of 7.8 would convert to 78%) 

5. Prize will be awarded to the Winning owner, as at 31st July.  Please note, Prizes are not redeemable for Cash. 

6. Anyone wishing to participate must Nominate their Horse via email to Bloomfield Farm. Details must include the horse’s name, age, pedigree, rider, owner and breeder details. 

7. Dressage Competition Results must be forwarded to Bloomfield Farm via email for inclusion in the Leaderboard Update. Details required are Score, Placing, Test, Date, Organising Club. (Results will be verified with the Organizing Club.) 
PLEASE NOTE: Owners/Riders are responsible for forwarding the Results to Bloomfield Farm, and this must be done within 2 weeks of the competition date. 

8. Results older than 2 weeks will be invalid. 

9. Horses must compete in a minimum of 10 Tests during the 12 months. 

10. Double Bonus Points awarded for a Top 3 Placing in first and/or second round at DJWTS and for Individual Test results at Championship Events (ie State Championships, CDI’s and Nationals)

11. Bonus Points for Placings will not be awarded if there is 3 or less participants in the class.

12. A maximum of 14 Tests will be used to determine the final Score. If a Horse competes in more than 14 tests throughout the year, the top 14 test scores will be used, regardless of placing.


Breeders/Owners with Progeny assessed in the ACE Assessment Tours who have an Overall Score of 82% or higher have the option of repeating the mating for half price.

Breeders/Owners with Progeny assessed in the AWHA Assessment Tours who have an Overall Score of 90% or higher have the option of repeating the mating for half price.

This offer must be taken in the Season following the Assessment Result.    


All clients, past, present and future have the opportunity to join our Bloomfield Breeders Club and enjoy the many benefits of being a Member.


Benefits of being a Member include: 

  * Earn Rewards Points on all Stallion Service purchases.

 * Receive VIP Offers not available to the public.  

  * Complimentary Refreshments at Events where there is a       Bloomfield Marquee or Trade Stand. 

  * Promotional Items available (eg Caps, Polo Shirts, Pens, DVD’s). 

  * Sneak Preview of Upcoming Announcements and Promotions. 

  * Information Sheets on Topics of Interest.                      

The Rewards Point System allows Breeders Club Members to earn credits you can use on future Stallion Service Fees at Bloomfield Farm.
For every $20 spent on service fees you will earn 1 point.

Points AccumulatedCredit Value Per PointCredit Value
100 points$1.00$100.00
200 points$1.25$250.00
300 points$1.66$500.00
400 points +$2.00$800.00 +

                     The more points accumulated the greater the reward.   

Points are not redeemable for cash and are not transferable;
Points cannot be redeemed during the same breeding season they were earned;
Points are considered earned on the day payment is received;
Points are earned on stallion services only;
Points will expire 2 years from the date they were earned;
Points can be redeemed in conjunction with Multiple Booking Discounts.
Points will be forfeited if account is not paid in full by 31st May following the breeding season they were earned.