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warmblood stallion

15% Off Full Guarantee Services

Normal Price $2400 

Early Bird Price $2040 (Save $360)

Stallion Service Buying Options

Bloomfield Farm is now offering for purchasing Stallions Services, giving Breeders more choice and flexibility.

Option 1 is a Full Rate Service, which includes Pregnancy and Live Foal Guarantees. This is the option that has always been available for our Stallion Services, giving Breeders peace of mind that they will get one healthy live foal for each service fee paid. In the event that the mare does not conceive, we will supply additional semen in the same breeding season and/or following breeding seasons until such time as the mare has a positive pregnancy detected. In the event that the mare aborts the foal, gives birth to a stillborn foal, or gives birth to a foal with compromised health, which subsequently results in death or euthanasia of the foal, we will supply semen again until such time as a healthy live foal is born. No additional service fees are payable. Collection fees and shipping are the only (Bloomfield Farm) costs incurred by the breeder. 


Why Choose This Option? 

You are guaranteed one healthy live foal for each Stallion Service purchase, so you will end up with something for your money. Breeders have peace of mind with this guarantee, and can be confident that the resulting foal will have a significantly higher value than the cost of the service fee. This is an excellent option for Breeders doing Embryo Transfers where there are further risks involved before a live foal is born. ie recovering the embryo, recipient mare holding the pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy live foal. This is an excellent option for Breeders who are unsure of the fertility of their mare, or the mare's ability to carry the pregnancy to full term. This option is a great insurance if things do not go to plan. Stallion Services purchased with this option can be sold on or transferred to another Breeder if circumstances prevent the Breeder from being able to use the service.

Option 2 & 3 are Payment Plan options, perfect for breeders needing some flexible payment options. The same Guarantees offered in Option 1 apply, provided the Payment Plan is complete. 


Option 2) $500 payable up front, followed by monthy payments of $420 per month for 5 months via Direct Debit. Total Amount Payable = $2600

Option 3) $500 payable up front, followed by monthly payments of $200 per month for 11 months via Direct Debit. Total Amount Payable = $2700


This service is transferrable provided the Payment Plan is complete.


Why Choose This Option?


This is the perfect option if you still prefer a service with all the guarantees, but your finances/budget don't allow the full service fee to be paid in an up front lump sum.

Option 4 allows Breeders to finalise their Stallion Service purchase after they have a confirmed positive pregnancy. There is $1000 payable up front, and a further $1500 payable after confirmation of a 45 day pregnancy. After full payment has been received the Live Foal Guarantee will apply. If a positive pregnancy is not achieved there is no more to pay, but there is also no refund of the up front fee. This service cannot be sold on or transfered to a third party.


Why Choose This Option?


This is a great option for Breeders who prefer to know that their mare is in foal before paying in full for the Stallion Service, and have the option of not proceeding further if their mare is having problems conceiving.

Option 5 is a Per Dose Rate, which works in much the same way as Frozen Semen purchases. The service is sold as a single insemination dose for a reduced price. A maximum of one pregnancy is allowed for each Insemination Dose, and there are no pregnancy or live foal guarantees. This service cannot be sold on or transferred to a third party for achieving a pregnancy. One Insemination Dose consists of 50ml of Chilled Semen with a minimum of 1 Billion total sperms. The Per Dose Rate for all Bloomfield Stallions is $1250 inc gst. 


Why Choose This Option? 


This is an excellent option for Breeders who prefer the way Frozen Semen is offered (per dose), but can now take advantage of the much higher success rates that come with chilled semen. This is an excellent option for Breeders who are confident that their mare is in a healthy and fertile condition. This is an excellent option for Breeders who have set themselves a limited budget to spend on Stallion Services, and for those who are not concerned about having any guarantees.   

Our Stallions are carefully selected, after meeting the strict criteria that we believe is essential for a Breeding horse. 

Our first priority is the Trainability – the most important trait for a dressage horse, and something that our stallions are known for. The Trainability and Rideability is paramount. The hereditary traits of the stallion are vitally important here, as it is the progeny who need to inherit these qualities from their parents. Watching the best riders and marketers show off a Stallion gives no indication of the character traits in their progeny. Breeding to stallions who are proven producers of a good character and trainability is a must!  

Following trainability, our next priority is Conformation – more than ever it is so crucial to keep correct conformation as a top priority when breeding. Horses with the correct conformation will in turn also have correct movement and will be less prone to soundness issues. A correctly conformed horse will also be physically capable of the demands of the higher level movements. The hind leg problems that are now so common in Europe need to be avoided in order for the sport to survive. Unfortunately because it is now so common it has become the new normal, which is really sad for the breed and the sport.

With the horrific impact of Covid-19, there has never been a more important time to support Australian Small Business, so we are reaching out to you, our valued clients and followers, for your support in these tough times. If you are planning on breeding your mare this season, our Stallions at Stud offer exceptional quality and proven genetics. Progeny by our Stallions are achieving incredible success, from Australian Champion Foals, to Young Horse Champions, to success at FEI levels, competing against imported horses and frozen semen progeny. Riders of all levels and ages, from Amateurs to Professionals, young riders through to the inspiring 70+ yr olds, all enjoy horses sired by our Stallions.
Bloomfield Farm relies 100% on semen sales and horse sales, so please consider buying our quality Australian products when you are next looking for a stallion for your mare, or your next young horse.