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Stallion Service Buying Options

Bloomfield Farm is now offering for purchasing Stallions Services, giving Breeders more choice and flexibility.

Option 1 is a Full Rate Service, which includes Pregnancy and Live Foal Guarantees. This is the option that has always been available for our Stallion Services, giving Breeders peace of mind that they will get one healthy live foal for each service fee paid. In the event that the mare does not conceive, we will supply additional semen in the same breeding season and/or following breeding seasons until such time as the mare has a positive pregnancy detected. In the event that the mare aborts the foal, gives birth to a stillborn foal, or gives birth to a foal with compromised health, which subsequently results in death or euthanasia of the foal, we will supply semen again until such time as a healthy live foal is born. No additional service fees are payable. Collection fees and shipping are the only (Bloomfield Farm) costs incurred by the breeder. 


Why Choose This Option? 

You are guaranteed one healthy live foal for each Stallion Service purchase, so you will end up with something for your money. Breeders have peace of mind with this guarantee, and can be confident that the resulting foal will have a significantly higher value than the cost of the service fee. This is an excellent option for Breeders doing Embryo Transfers where there are further risks involved before a live foal is born. ie recovering the embryo, recipient mare holding the pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy live foal. This is an excellent option for Breeders who are unsure of the fertility of their mare, or the mare's ability to carry the pregnancy to full term. This option is a great insurance if things do not go to plan. Stallion Services purchased with this option can be sold on or transferred to another Breeder if circumstances prevent the Breeder from being able to use the service.

Option 2 & 3 are Payment Plan options, perfect for breeders needing some flexible payment options. The same Guarantees offered in Option 1 apply, provided the Payment Plan is complete. 


Option 2) $500 payable up front, followed by monthy payments of $420 per month for 5 months via Direct Debit. Total Amount Payable = $2600

Option 3) $500 payable up front, followed by monthly payments of $200 per month for 11 months via Direct Debit. Total Amount Payable = $2700


This service is transferrable provided the Payment Plan is complete.


Why Choose This Option?


This is the perfect option if you still prefer a service with all the guarantees, but your finances/budget don't allow the full service fee to be paid in an up front lump sum.

Option 4 allows Breeders to finalise their Stallion Service purchase after they have a confirmed positive pregnancy. There is $1000 payable up front, and a further $1500 payable after confirmation of a 45 day pregnancy. After full payment has been received the Live Foal Guarantee will apply. If a positive pregnancy is not achieved there is no more to pay, but there is also no refund of the up front fee. This service cannot be sold on or transfered to a third party.


Why Choose This Option?


This is a great option for Breeders who prefer to know that their mare is in foal before paying in full for the Stallion Service, and have the option of not proceeding further if their mare is having problems conceiving.

Option 5 is a Per Dose Rate, which works in much the same way as Frozen Semen purchases. The service is sold as a single insemination dose for a reduced price. A maximum of one pregnancy is allowed for each Insemination Dose, and there are no pregnancy or live foal guarantees. This service cannot be sold on or transferred to a third party for achieving a pregnancy. One Insemination Dose consists of 50ml of Chilled Semen with a minimum of 1 Billion total sperms. The Per Dose Rate for all Bloomfield Stallions is $1250 inc gst. 


Why Choose This Option? 


This is an excellent option for Breeders who prefer the way Frozen Semen is offered (per dose), but can now take advantage of the much higher success rates that come with chilled semen. This is an excellent option for Breeders who are confident that their mare is in a healthy and fertile condition. This is an excellent option for Breeders who have set themselves a limited budget to spend on Stallion Services, and for those who are not concerned about having any guarantees.   

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    Proxy Bidding or Auto Bidding is when you enter your maximum bid amount, and the auction system places bids on your behalf using the specified auction bid increments, up to your maximum bid amount. Our Auctions have Proxy Bidding enabled.

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  • When can I view the Horses?

    The Auction Horses are available for private inspection at any time via appointment. The Horses can also be viewed at our Public Presentation on Saturday 26th October, starting at 12.30pm.

Bloomfield Voodoo Lady

Brown Filly
DOB: 05/12/2015
Exp Height: 16.3hh
Sire: Versace
Dam: Jasmin (Jazz)

Bloomfield Voodoo Lady is an impressive looking young mare who is ready to break in and start her saddle career. She has matured into a really lovely natured horse who really wants to please.

Her conformation is excellent, and perfectly suited for dressage with good strong legs and hindquarter and an incredible shoulder. Her gaits are very correct, with hind legs that step under and push in an uphill tendency. She has loads of power and keeps a good rhythm. 

Her Jazz mother has produced some top class offspring for us, including Bloomfield Real Hit (who was Qld Young Horse of the Year as a 5 year old),  Bloomfield First Lady (successful to Medium level), and Bloomfield Fiderstar (just started competing Medium). 

Voodoo Lady has the talent and the trainability to reach the highest levels of dressage, so is well suited to an ambitious and dedicated rider with big goals for the future.

Bloomfield Fürstinouk

Black Filly
DOB: 22/09/2015
Exp Height: 16.3hh
Sire: Fürst Love
Dam: Anouk (Imp) (Jazz)

Bloomfield Fürstinouk is a stunning black mare with a strong resemblance to both her sire, Fürst Love and her dam, Anouk (Imp). 

She is now 4 years old so could be broken in and started under saddle straight away. She is a big moving, expressive and elastic young mare, with 3 correct gaits. She has a sweet nature and is proving to be very trainable.

This mare is only being offered for sale, due to our ongoing stud reduction.

She is from our imported mare, Anouk who is the dam of our young stallion, Amarouk. Anouk was a Finalist in the PAVO Cup as a 5 year old. She has produced the Licensed KWPN stallion Fellini and his full brother Emerald S (who are full brothers to Amarouk). Anouk is a 3/4  sibling to the sensational stallion Dark President. The granddam of Anouk and Dark President also produced the famous Dutch stallion, Houston. 

Apart from her potential as a riding horse, Fürstinouk offers sensational genetics, and includes some of the most famous mare families from Europe. 

Bloomfield Annpere

Brown Filly
DOB: 16/09/2019
Exp Height: 16.2hh
Sire: Amarouk
Dam: Bloomfield Vonpere (Versace)

Bloomfield Annpere was our first born foal for the season, and is the first foal from our Versace / Contango II dam, Bloomfield Vonpere. She is a top class filly with a lovely sweet character, very happy and friendly. She is a strong bodied foal who will be well suited to dressage in the future. Her movement is very expressive and effortless.

Annpere’s bloodlines are dominated with the best of Dutch breeding including the proven great stallions, Ferro, Flemmingh, Jazz, Krack C, Vivaldi, and Ampere. 

Her sire Amarouk has two full brothers, Emerald S and Fellini. Emerald S is successfully competing at Inter II and Fellini was KWPN Licensed finishing in the Top 5 at his Stallion Licensing. Fellini sired the 2018 KWPN Mare Champion at the PAVO Cup. Amarouk, Emerald S and Fellini are all sons of our imported Jazz mare, Anouk. She is a half sister to the KWPN stallion, Dark President who was  2017 KWPN Stallion of the Year.

The exceptional bloodlines continue with the dam sire Versace. He was Premium Licensed and Reserve Champion at his Stallion Licensing, receiving a 9.5 for rideability. Versace is a Vivaldi / Ferro son, and from the same mare family that produced the KWPN stallion, Tango.

The ever reliable Contango II is Annpere’s grandsire, well known for producing dual purpose horses with excellent rideability.

Bloomfield Annpere is physically and genetically top class, and will be a valuable addition to any riding barn or breeding program.


Bloomfield Viva Forever

Black Colt
DOB: 29/09/2019
Exp Height: 17hh+
Sire: Versace
Dam: Bloomfield Forever Love (Fürst Love)

Bloomfield Viva Forever is an absolutely superb colt in every way. He is obviously stunning in appearance, but has a character to match. His movement is exceptional; expressive and correct, elastic and rhythmical, uphill and effortless. 

This colt is an International Stallion Prospect of the highest quality.

He is the first born foal from his dam, Bloomfield Forever Love, who was Victorian Champion Filly with Elite status in her foal assessment. She is the full sister to the sensational Bloomfield Five Star, who is owned by Susan Gorst and currently campaigning with Ali Berwick. Another full sister is offered in this auction, Bloomfield Fiontina, who we also consider an International FEI prospect.

From this same mare family comes Bloomfield Royal Deelite (4 Yr Old Reserve Champion DJWTS) and Bloomfield Royal Diamond (successful to Inter I with Janet Dillon-Smith). 

Damiana who is our Don Ramiro mare back in the 4th generation is one of our original matriarch mares who began for us a consistent line of super dressage horses, that has continued through the generations.

Bloomfield Verbena

Brown Filly
DOB: 10/10/2019
Exp Height: 16.2hh
Sire: Versace
Dam: Bloomfield Fürstin Rubina (San Rubin II)

Brown Filly Foal

Brown Filly
DOB: 26/09/2019
Exp Height: 16.3hh
Sire: Versace
Dam: Bloomfield Royal Charm III

This super filly is the third full sister

Bloomfield Fontaire

Bay Gelding
DOB: 05/12/2017
Exp Height: 17hh+
Sire: Fürst Love
Dam: Jasmin (Jazz)

Bloomfield Fontaire is an incredible gelding with some serious talent for dressage.  His gaits are expressive and ground covering, with so much power, while being so light on his feet.

He is beautifully conformed from head to tail, with good strong legs and feet, a lovely front, super shoulder, good looks with a gentle expression. 

He has a lovely character, and is highly trainable.

He is the full brother to Bloomfield First Lady, who competed successfully to Medium level before starting a breeding career. Another full sister Bloomfield Fürstin Lady was top price at auction as a yearling. From this same mare family comes Bloomfield Real Hit (by Royal Hit) who was QLD Young Horse of the Year, and Bloomfield Fiderstar (by Fiderstern) who has just started Medium dressage.

Fontaire would be well suited to a tall and talented rider with goals for FEI dressage. He is a world class horse who we hope will achieve a world class career. 


Bloomfield Valentis

Chestnut Gelding
DOB: 25/11/2017
Exp Height: 16.3hh +
Sire: Versace
Dam: Bloomfield Wenita (Whisper)

Bloomfield Valentis is without any doubt an International FEI prospect. With an absolutely top class character, incredible expressive and elastic movement and conformation built for dressage, he is worthy of an inspection from anyone with big plans for the future, looking for an international horse.

He carries the perfect mix of genetics from Versace and Royal Hit, a cross that is proving over and over to produce horses of top quality. 

The dam Bloomfield Royal Wonder is Elite classified and is the full sister to Bloomfield Royal Winston (owned by Janie Brown), who has just started competing at Prix St George / Inter I with rider Vay Snyman.

A full brother to Valentis, Bloomfield Valente was AWHA Australian Champion as a foal. All assessed foals from this family have been awarded Elite status.

Bloomfield Valentis is a super young horse with huge talent and traits to go all the way with great success. We hope he will find the right rider who can allow him to shine!


Bloomfield Versali

Bay Filly
DOB: 23.11.17
Exp Height: 16.3hh+
Sire: Versace
Dam: Bloomfield Seduction (San Rubin II)

Bloomfield Versali is an incredibly stunning young filly who descends from our famous Charisma mare family. 

She has excellent conformation, and great mechanics with a super hindleg.  She is a large framed horse with amazing strength through her body, super neck set and shoulder, and good straight legs. 

Her character is top class, which is no surprise considering her sire is Versace, grandsire San Rubin II and great grandsire Capone, all known for their incredible temperaments and trainability. 

Bloomfield Versali would be well suited to a career in dressage or jumping and, with the right rider, should be successful up to a high level.

She also has all the top qualities and genetics to make an incredible breeding prospect for the future.

Bloomfield Valton

Brown Gelding
DOB: 16/12/2017
Exp Height: 16.3hh
Sire: Versace
Dam: Ballerina Girl (Imp) (Brentano II)

Bloomfield Valton is a powerhouse horse bred for dressage. He has an excellent conformation, expressive and powerful gaits and a super character. 

He has all the quality traits to suggest a potential FEI horse for the future. Extreme trainability, combined with confidence and a willing attitude, matched with physical ability and talent. We are hopeful to find a rider who is dedicated and ambitious, and able to partner this incredible horse all the way to the top.

He has two full sisters, Bloomfield Valtina (currently training with Kate Taylor-Wheat), and Bloomfield Valtini (Wheeler family). The owners of these horses are thrilled with their mares.

The dam is an imported Brentano II mare, who has consistently produced horses with strong well built hindquarters and great temperaments, very much like herself. 

Bloomfield Valton is a really top class horse who we think very highly of, and look forward to following his future career. 

Bloomfield Valdez

Brown Gelding
DOB: 16/12/2016
Exp Height: 17hh
Sire: Versace
Dam: Bloomfield Royal Charm (Royal Hit)

Bloomfield Valdez is a quality competition prospect who is maturing into a superb young horse. His conformation is excellent; elegant, athletic and uphill, stunning front and beautiful through the body. 

He has a super hind leg and strength in the hind end that pushes him uphill when he moves.

Perhaps the highlight of this horse though is his interior qualities. He is a truly wonderful character, an absolute pleasure to be around and work with. He is just a happy horse and will be a dream horse for someone looking for their next partner to take from a young horse through the levels. 

His full brother, Bloomfield Vegas is another stunning gelding owned and ridden by Janet Seccull, who has had great success already in the early days of his career, scoring over 80%. 

The dam Bloomfield Royal Charm is now owned and ridden by young rider, Olivia Ruzsicska who reports her mare is just magnificent. 

Also from this family is our stallion, Fiderstern, Bloomfield Royalist (Willinga Park), Bloomfield Fürstin Charm (Viv Axton),  Bloomfield Vincenzo (Lizzie Wilson-Fellows) to name a few.

If you are looking for a quality horse close to breaking in age, Valdez is most certainly worth a look.

Bloomfield Verocca

Brown Gelding
DOB: 13/12/2017
Exp Height: 16.2hh
Sire: Versace
Dam: Bloomfield Sensation (Sirocco)

Bloomfield Verocca is a real vision, with a delightful and super character. He is very obliging and takes everything in his stride, and what a stride that is! His stunning looks are matched with equally as impressive movement. 

He has three correct and expressive gaits that will turn heads, and a brilliant mind that is willing, trainable, intelligent and sensible. His kind and friendly personality will bring immense joy to his owner, as he is that ‘best mate’ type of horse.

This gelding is well suited to a career in any of the disciplines and should excel to a high level in whatever path is chosen. 

He is the first foal from our Sirocco daughter, Sensation, who is a full sister to Bloomfield Sienna, the dam of Bloomfield Royalist (Willinga Park), Bloomfield Vincenzo (Lizzie Wilson-Fellows), Bloomfield Fiderocco (John Wenske), Bloomfield Focus (Claire Bradley). Sensation and Sienna are also half sisters to our stallion, Fiderstern, coming from our matriarch mare, Charisma.

Bloomfield Fiontina

Black Filly
DOB: 13/11/2017
Exp Height: 17hh+
Sire: Fürst Love
Dam: Bloomfield Royal Miracle (Royal Hit)

Bloomfield Fiontina is one of two ET fillies from a twin flush from Bloomfield Royal Miracle. She is tall, black and destined for an International dressage career, and therefore we are looking for a serious rider with the talent and dedication to partner her to the top! 

Fiontina has magical movement, with cadence and elasticity. Extending and collecting within the gaits is effortless for her. She uses her hocks, steps under the body and is lovely and light in front.

Her pedigree boasts generations of dressage blood, including three crosses of Donnerhall (5th, 6th and 7th generation), Rubinstein, Florestan and Jazz. We would ideally like to keep a share in ownership of this horse, which gives a unique opportunity to those who may not have the finances to purchase an International quality horse. 

From this mare family comes a number of successful competition horses, including Bloomfield Royal Diamond (Janet Dillon-Smith), Bloomfield Royal Deelite (Hana Thompson), Bloomfield Fürst Light (Alicia Targa), Bloomfield Royal Magic (Elissa Forbes), Bloomfield Five Star (Gorst Family) and numerous others. Some of our top broodmares are also from this family.

We would ideally like to keep a share in ownership of this horse, which gives a unique opportunity to those who may not have the finances to purchase an International quality horse.  This however is not a set condition, so outright ownership is also possible.


Bloomfield Fine Dancer

Brown Filly
DOB: 11/12/2017
Exp Height: 16.2hh
Sire: Fürst Love
Dam: Bloomfield Royal Dancer

Bloomfield Fine Dancer is another fine example of the Fürst Love cross over Royal Hit mares. This filly is incredibly elastic and rhythmical in her movement with an exceptional hind leg. Her conformation is built for dressage, with a lovely balance of elegance and the substance required at the higher levels of the sport. 

There are a number of successful competition horses from this mare family, including Bloomfield Royal Tango who was a DWTS Finalist under Maree Tomkinson. Tango is a full brother to this filly’s dam. Another full brother to the dam is Bloomfield Royal Ambition, owned and ridden by Emma Cox.

Both Royal Hit and Contango II are well known for producing lovely elastic horses with beautiful fronts and these traits are evident in Fine Dancer. 

This young filly will be well suited to an ambitious and dedicated rider with serious competition goals, as she has the talent and ability to go as far as her rider is capable of. 


Bloomfield Fiadora

Brown Filly
DOB: 20/01/2018
Exp Height: 16.2 - 16.3hh
Sire: Fiderstern
Dam: Daydream (Dream of Glory)

This filly is another super natured youngster, very typical from this family, with all the qualities that suggest she will make a top competition mount. She is a pleasure to handle, very trainable and willing. 

She has a super hind leg that uses the hocks and steps under. She has well built hindquarters and a good strong body that is desirable for dressage. 

She combines the popular Fidertanz and Capone bloodlines through her sire, Fiderstern, known for high rideability and expressive movement. The dam sire, Dream of Glory brings the all time great lines of Donnerhall x Pik Bube, which again adds exceptional trainability/rideability traits. The combination of bloodlines also makes Fiadora a very good breeding prospect for the future.

The dam has produced a number of siblings and half siblings who have proven to be exceptional riding horses, including Bloomfield Fürst Glory, owned and ridden by Megan Cue up to Med/Adv level to date. Bloomfield Finesse is a stunning full sister who is owned and ridden by Bianca Stickland, and Bloomfield Fantasy, another full sister is owned and ridden by young rider, Dakoda Lyne.

The full brother Bloomfield Cadeau, has just been broken in, receiving glowing reports from the breakers and owners, being very straight forward, willing and trainable. 

We expect Fiadora to be well suited to a dressage and/or jumping career and would suit a variety of riders, from amateur adults, young riders, through to the more experienced professionals.